let out the slack let it loose a little farther
forget your father take it deep take it deeper
there are lots more holes to go

like the rabbit we eat carrots
helps us get in touch with our roots
love the look of those boots
i cant forget my mother i came out of her womb

it was the first but surely not the last tomb
incuding my past ive been killed off enough times
to know coming back doesnt hurt

ive got work to do choppin wood and such
observing worms

we are so overcomplicated like a good painting gone bad
like a sane person going mad
the wolves got a kill tonight i could hear them bragging

dogs rolling mobs on poor kids in puerto rico
not just a territory but a place
flags in the streets colors repeat
everyone just wants to be a part of whole
we hate to be alone

so the blood river will begin
just make sure the boat does leak lest i stain my shirt
the cracks of my hands run deep into my soul
take a look and you will know what i use them for
just some tools a saw, a screwdriver, a hammer