hello dreamstate hello dreamstake
to speak great at a weeks wake.
what a keepsake you with me wait this cant be right
thats a street like look. seeing me right
im afraid its too tight.

make some more room prevent doom
ill be home soon the impending doom oh!

but can it be? spinning faster now less bullshit to plow
how about now can you hear me now do you fear me now
hear my heart beat pow!
as the bass drum kicks and my head gets sick
always touching my dick like i said im sick
sick with aids hiv look at me no longer free
got vds stds they are coming after me
that die slow i cant say no everyones doin it
why cant i be screwin it?

for the irony thats inside of me sings in harmony
all the parts of me.
now my heart and my brain are together one in saying
that my body thats the god in me make the trio i cant stop me.