lucid dreams from a ludic dreamer
a day with you has never been sweeter
my dearest lucy where did i find you
helping me see what to put my mind through

because sometimes we all just need a path
a working mans hands are built to last
one mans trash is another mans treasure
its easy to forget when we live for pleasure

and so we do what we want
its only natural

live free die free its all the same in the end
the weed helps a little but not as much as friends
changing the ins and outs of our code
switching up names but letting everyone know

and so life goes on
shit, obviously
say it like davis not a hint of modesty
and so i ponder the fate of this king
running this world writing new songs to sing

just sit back relax and enjoy the show
theres no place like home and nowhere to go
making things happen why the hell not
thankful for the release of the pot

patient and potent and powerful like drugs
writing new chapters in a story called love