look whats happened now
the young buck snagged a hold of me
its so easy to crumble without knowing it
just because the wall stands doesnt mean its not broken
the mind of course not the heart
so i play with words while she knows not that
she plays with me but im not complaining
it feels good but damn the thought of loosing her
brings me down so i must care
and its true but i cannot see the line that
divides this from selfishness
i want miranda for me
i dont love her i love whats good for me
i hope its not cause she didnt cum
young buck rode it all wild
too much fucking not enough patience

but she entertained my mind
thoughts of her passed the days
cruising throug school with dreams of getting laid
my mirandeez my mirandeez i liked how much i
could make you smile
i always enjoyed making you happy
know this and remember and dont let anyone
tell you otherwise