while everything is vibrating and the planets are
girating and gravitating all we can see is ourselves
navigating our petty lives as dots on the surface
of the earth with reproductive organs and too much

more cowbell is the cure but of course not for the
poor they get rice and beans from bowls that havent
been cleaned since that bald head fucker overdosed
on chemotherapy

so down comes the rain and the strange people
show up for the rocky horror picture show wearing
costumes and stinking of the perfume called dodo

and though you cant fight the youth a nice blow can
knock out a tooth or even better if iron mike can
keep it together now that the tribes want to take
back the face he stole from the ancient gallery

the mirror is the oldest form of flattery like
aunt jemimas pancakes soothing the heartbreak
of being a servant to the whip and the masters dick
at least they were strong

god bless george and tom and ben who back
then put things in their place and supported the
race to what end and where is the time allocated
for making amends freud was right about the

so time ticks by and im still high and the desert
sands below show no life but i have an idea