nothing scales me more than loosing faith in love
something i once had that i have none of but wanted
i needed i burned
now i have nothing and the flames are no where to be found
i am cold the blood runs cold
arctic nothing

but i want what i do not know something anything
stimulating envigorating life giving life breathing
giver of goodness something that breeds truth

the soundtrack of my life directing the movement
of my pen again we write together oh the nights
with my sweat the nights filled with heat
of my dreams of the fields of what i could conceive

but the give it all to give in to surrender to love
the dance the gamble the dangerous game called love
do i play or do i stay or watch the clouds as they pass me by

i try so i think so i breathe so i live so i am
i am conscience awake within the pulse of my mind
i am one of my own kind a stranger in the dark
your lover in the night the sheepheard the wierd
the chemist im a theif

i tell no lies i just have these words toget off my chest
this pen is whats left of the love that i once had
thats the past how the seasons and times are a changin
the leaves will fall and there is nothing i can do

clouds of smoke cloud my path
clear my eyes of the reality i see
shield them from the light
i have only dreamed to see no evil